Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?  Click on the Register tab.  Read and agree to the terms and conditions then click on the big blue ‘Register’ button. On the next page, fill in all of the details and your billing information.  You will also choose a username and paassword.

What is the Buyer’s Premium?  The Buyer’s Premium is the percentage that every auction house charges to the buyer for their service.  It’s what keeps the lights on.  Our’s is 20%.  We had to raise in in January when minimum wage was raised again.

Can I change the credit card that I have on file?  Yes.  This can be done in your online account at any time.

How do I place a bid?  You can place a bid on an item by clicking the blue ‘bid” button or you can enter a maximum bid in the box.

Do you ship? Yes!  In-house shipping for smaller items.  We charge the actual USPS price plus a $10 packing/materials fee, $20 if there is a large quantity or if the item needs significant packing- large art, sets of dishes, etc..   Larger items are shipped via UPS, and the same handling fees apply.

What if I can’t pick up my items during the pick up window?   Due to the very limited space available we charge a Holding Fee of 20$ per week, starting at 2:30 pm on the Saturday after the auction.

Is there any guarantee of authenticity or working condition?  No.  With almost 800 items each week, we don’t have the man power to plug in and inspect everything that closely.  We do our very best to describe things accurately, but there will always be a degree of human error.  We strongly encourage you to come in, plug in, and look closely at everything you are interested in. Being open Tuesday- Saturday offers the greatest opportunity to do so. If you are unable to come in, please send us an email and we’d be happy to give you any specific feed back about any items that you’d like, but please in that instance, bid accordingly.

Why did my bid jump up higher than the ‘next required bid’?  When this happens, it is because another bidder already had in a higher maximum bid.  Example: The next required bid is 4$.  You enter 4$, with a maximum bid of 20$.  The current bid immediately jumps up to 12$.  This is because another bidder had in a maximum bid of 10$, so in order to leave you as the high bidder, the software had to bid 12$ for you to be the high bidder.

How can I consign items? Consigning is easy!  All of the information about consigning is listed on our consigning page.

When are consignor checks mailed?  Checks can be picked up by Tuesday following the auction or they will be put in the mail every two weeks.

What are the bidding incitements?

Up to… Increment
10.0 1.00
25.00 2.00
100.00 5.00
500.00 10.00
1,000.00 25.00