Why do we do what we do?

To whom much is given, much is required. I’ve tried to raise my children to grasp the truth of this statement. They sigh when they hear it now, but they get it. We, and most Americans, have been given much. As the wife of a retired military member, I’ve raised my children on three continents. We have seen third world poverty. It has to be the duty of every person to help others as much as they are able. To help pull them up and bring them along. It’s why we’re here.

My eleven year old son has a heart for the people of Africa who don’t have access to clean water, so we’ve had wells built. My daughter has a heart for girls rescued from human trafficking, so we’ve bought sewing machines to give them a chance to earn a safe living. When we’ve known people that need a place to live, we’ve opened our home. As a family, we’ve always tried to help fill needs when we can, because there is enough division and sadness in the world and we have been given much.

That’s why I started Bunting Online Auctions. From the start, we are giving 10% of all profits to those in need, both in our community and abroad. I know that the economy is rough and people close to home are struggling with mortgages and unemployment. I hope that being able to sell some unwanted items for some extra cash can help, and if we can help ease someone’s financial stress, we will try, because we have been given much. We are certainly not rich, but we have enough and that is much. My dream? That we are so successful that we can increase our giving from 10% to 20% or 30% or 50%! That’s the dream. That’s why we do it.