Bring your auction items to us.

We accept consignments on Monday- Wednesday 10-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

The first time you bring items in, you’ll sign the Consignment Contract and be given a consignor number that you’ll use as long as you are a consignor. Then, we’ll list the items brought in on our Consignor Order and give you a copy. Your consignor number will be put on all your items, ensuring no mistakes about ownership.

It’s a quick process and should only take a few minutes.

What to Consign?

We sell most anything that has $15 or more of value. Items such as:

Antiques Collectibles Jewelry Furniture
Household items Ceramics Glass Rugs
Prints and paintings Tools Newer Appliances Books
Ephemera Stamps Coins Currency
Sports equipment Baby items Gold & Silver Decorative items

AND much more.  If you’re not sure, give us a call!

We will decline the following items:

Antlers & Taxidermy (even if possibly from Maryland)Copper moldsLand line phone equip.Skis or Ski boots, Skates (roll or ice) & Racquets of any sort
Avon CollectiblesCurtains, Rods, and BlindsMetal desks & Folding ChairsSoda or Beer Bottles
Baskets (except Longaberger)Dolls & Cradles (exc. Barbie & GI joe etc.)Meat Grinders (old or new)Tea Cups(unless with full set of china)
Beds & headboards (older)Electric TypewritersMost Medical SuppliesTube tvs Consoles & Cabinets
Beer & Wine Making kitsFlooring under 150 sqftParticle Board ItemsUsed light fixtures (except true vintage or high-end)
Candles (including most holders)Garmins/ Navigation/GPSPC Desk Top Computers, Printers, fax, & Obsolete computer partsVHS players, used cassettes
Clear glass dishes & crystal (Except some with Makers Marks)Golf Clubs & BagsPicture frames (exc. Vintage)Vintage case hair dryers
Coffee TablesHelmets (except vintage)Sewing Machines in Cabinets (Except treadle machines)Wooded 80’s country decor
Collectors Plates (except nautical and sci-fi)Hurricane lampsSheet MusicItems with racist or hateful imagery.
CookbooksiPod Docking/SpeakersSingle ChairsITEMS NEEDING PRE-APPROVAL:Dining Room Tables, Desks, Office chairs, china cabinets,
clothing, coats, stereo equip., stemware, laser jet printers, Silver Plate, sofas, vintage luggage

A bit about our process

All items taken in will be sorted by the gentleman who builds our lots.  He’s been buying and selling for a living for the past 40 years.  He has an excellent grasp of sell-ability.  If he determines an item is unlikely to sell for a minimum of $15, it is donated to Purple Heart or a fabulous organization in Edgewater.  

Items going into the auction are lotted,  photographed, described, and uploaded into one of our weekly online auctions.

If you’d like a particular description or have extra knowledge about an item, please use the blue painters tape and a sharpie or a hanging tag at the intake desk and put the description on the item.  This ensures that your information makes it to our description writer.

We will process the payments from the buyers and mail you a check minus our auction commission.  

When are consignor checks mailed?  Checks available for pickup on the Tuesday following the auction’s closes or any that remain are put in the mail every few weeks. 

Statement Total Under $10. Auction sales totals less than $10 for all items sold in a particular auction are held until a cumulative amount greater than $10 is reached. Checks for less than that amount can be requested and picked up, however they aren’t issued automatically or mailed.

Consignor Commission Commission rates are listed in the chart below.  The percentage is the percentage that we keep.  For example, if an item sells for over $1000, we keep 0%.  The full selling price is passed back to the consignor.  If an item sells for $500, we keep 5% and mail 95% of the selling price is paid to the consignor.  We do have a minimum commission per lot. Our cost per lot is $12, so we have set our minimum commission at $10. This means that if an item sells for $10, we keep 10$. If an item sells for $15, we keep $10 and the consignor gets $5.

Statement on Vintage Items with Questionable Imagery

We have always filtered a small percentage of the items represent hate- racist items, Nazi items, etc. They are vile and offensive. I periodically question whether to filter a larger range of relics. We’ve received more feedback recently and after much discussion have decided to halt the intake and sale of more items that have always made us uncomfortable.

We’re erring on the side of being cautious. Censorship is a very slippery slope, and we are humble in editing the human record. I sincerely do worry it’s possible that eliminating history–restricting its access, research and memorialization to only ownership and uses approved by a small group–may make us more likely to repeat past atrocities.  I personally prefer to see the owners of hateful items be institutions planning to put them on public display.  All consignors are encouraged to directly donate racist items to institutions like the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University, the United States Holocaust Museum, or The National World War II Museum.  

I’m sure this answer will not satisfy everyone.  We’ll continue listening and getting better. 




Due to the selling prices and quantity of handbags/designer items being consigned, we have revised our Designer Item Policy.  In an effort to avoid counterfeit items, we require any items from the following designers have an accompanying Authentication Certificate from a third-party authentication service:

Louis Vuitton, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Rolex, and Tag Heuer.

 Items with this certification will always sell for more than items without it, making it well worth the cost.   Below is a list of such services.

Real Authentication –Starts at $30

Authenticate First – Starts at $15