Bring your auction items to us.

We accept consignments on Monday- Wednesday 10-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

The first time you bring items in, you’ll sign the Consignment Contract and be given a consignor number that you’ll use as long as you are a consignor. Then, we’ll list the items brought in on our Consignor Order and give you a copy. Your consignor number will be put on all your items, ensuring there’s never a mistake about ownership.

It’s a quick process and should only take a few minutes.

What to Consign?

We sell most anything that has $15 or more of value. Items such as:

Antiques Collectibles Jewelry Furniture
Household items Ceramics Glass Rugs
Prints and paintings Tools Appliances Books
Ephemera Stamps Coins Currency
Sports equipment Baby items Homeschool gear Decorative items

AND much more.  If you’re not sure, give us a call!

We will decline the following items:

  • Overly stained rugs or furniture
  • Box springs, mattresses and used bed linens
  • Adult clothing with the exception of vintage and period designer label items and groups of similarly sized baby/children’s clothing
  • Items that are clearly past their useful life
  • Fluffy toys / stuffed toys
  • Appliances, electronics, and power tools that are not in working condition
  • Pornographic magazines and DVDs

A bit about our process

All items taken in will be sorted by the gentleman who builds our lots.  He’s been buying and selling for a living for the past 40 years.  He has an excellent grasp of sell-ability.  If he determines an item is unlikely to sell, it is donated to Purple Heart or a fabulous organization in Edgewater.  

Items going into the auction are lotted,  photographed, described, and uploaded into one of our weekly online auctions.

If you’d like a particular description or have extra knowledge about an item, please use the blue painters tape and a sharpie or a hanging tag at the intake desk and put the description on the item.  This ensures that your information makes it to our description writer.

We will process the payments from the buyers and mail you a check minus our auction commission.  

When are consignor checks mailed?  Checks available for pickup one week after the auction closes or they are put in the mail every two weeks. 

Consignor Commission Commission rates are listed in the chart below.  The percentage is the percentage that we keep.  For example, if an item sells for over $1000, we keep 0%.  The full selling price is passed back to the consignor.  If an item sells for $500, we keep 5% and mail 95% of the selling price is paid to the consignor.